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Familys include:
  1. Alcohols
  2. Alkyls
  3. Amines
  4. Aminos
  5. Carbohydrates
  6. Carbonyls
  7. Carboxyls
  8. Drugs
  9. Hormones
  10. Hydrocarbons
  11. Inorganics
  12. Lipids
  13. Metabolites
  14. Nucleotides
  15. Plastics
  16. Vitamins

We are proud to offer a package of 404 molecular models that we have assembled for use in the classroom. This is a comprehensive collection of structures that represent a broad spectrum of inorganic, organic, and biologically relevant compounds.

We assembled this set of models because we saw a need for a single library of models that could be easily accessed. Many of these models appear on the web in some form or another, but finding them quickly, and counting on the format and source, is often difficult. We present them here in a single file format, choosen based on their relevance to classroom and textbook use.

This collection consists of MOL formatted model files. MOL formatted models are compact, and contain the information necessary for proper display of bonds in molecular graphics programs like Jmol. A text file and an Excel spreadsheet are also included as a reference to the contents of the package. A more detailed description of the MOL format can be found at MDL as part of their CTFile format documentation.

These models also make a great starting point for doing computational chemistry calculations using WebMO.

Most of the molecule files have been energy minimized using molecular mechanics. We do not claim that they are all in the lowest energy conformation and therefore these models are created primarly for educational use.