This page contains information and links for software that C4 provides, or contributes to. This also includes general information on molecular visualization techniques, common problems, and frequently asked questions. It is our hopes that this page will provide a starting point to help related questions, but we of course always encourage you to contact us if don't find what your looking for on this page, or those we refer to. - The C4 Team

C4 Website Requirements

The C3 webpage is designed to take advantage of the latest in HTML cascading style sheet (CSS) formatting and online molecular graphics. As as a result, there are some modest web browser requirements to get the most from our website. Should you experience problems viewing content on our pages, please make sure you are following our guidelines for browser versions and have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6 installed (for Jmol). The following is a list of web browsers that have been found to present our content with the intended visual impact.

Browser Operating System Version
Mozilla Firefox Windows XP, Macintosh OS X 2.0+
Internet Explorer Windows XP 7.0+
Safari Macintosh OS X 1.3+