Bringing Computational Chemistry to Community Colleges
WebMO is an innovative new web based application designed to make computational chemistry easy and approachable by students and instructors alike. Built with an intuitive, easy to learn interface, WebMO allows the user to perform ab initio and semi-empirical calculations using a spectrum of different programs including Gamess, Gaussian, and Mopac
Working in collaboration with the creators of WebMO, C4 offers community colleges the opportunity to take advantage of this powerful teaching and research tool through a NSF funded consortium. By providing a central server for calculations, holding workshops, and assisting the WebMO team, C4 encourages the adoption of molecular orbital theory into the chemistry curriculum. It is our belief that the use of MO theory can broaden students understanding of reactivity in a way that was not possible until now.
If you are interested in learning more about WebMO, you can take a self guided tour of the program by using the WebMO tutorial and demo. You are also encouraged to contact C4 if you would like to know more about our consortium and how you can participate in this exciting new program.
Although WebMO has a powerful modeling building interface, C4 also offers a set of 404 models that complement WebMO perfectly. Using these models as a starting point, you can perform various calculations on compounds that are commonly used in chemistry textbooks and cirriculum to demonstrate structure and reactivity.