Welcome to our new website! We are proud to introduce our new look and content brought to you by the C4 team and our collaborators. On these pages you will find many new chemical education resources. We have tried to enhance the user experience in our new design, as well as provide interesting and informative content in a visually appealing format.

The most significant thing our new website aims to introduce is WebMO, an internet accessible interface for doing ab initio, and semi-emperical calculations with chemical structures, and Jmol, a great new web-based molecular visualization program that replaces Chime.

Please feel free to contact us with features you like, dislike, or any problems you have navigating or otherwise accessing our website. Since this is an entirely new set of pages and resources, we will naturally have some growing pains in getting it fully functional, and bug free. Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated, and likely fix, augment, or add to our website. It is our hope that this site will become a beacon for a growing community of chemistry and biochemistry instructors using computer and internet based teaching tools.

Enjoy our website and we look forward to hearing from you!

The C4 Team

If your looking of our old website, we will probably leave it up for an indefinate period of time. If we should decide to take it down for some reason, we will post this well before we actually take it off-line.